Gulaman Juice/Drink recipe

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Gulaman Juice/Drink recipe

Postby pogiii » Fri Nov 03, 2006 3:53 am


i'm in need of a recipe for a gulaman drink

i observed "master juicer's" and saw them putting some kind of syrup into the cup 1st, then fills it with gulaman and juice, then adds sago at the last.

im not sure what the syrup includes, maybe its just disolved sugar in water? maybe they put the banana extracts there already? did they add vanilla extract too? hehe

and how did they make the gulaman juice base? just brown sugar, extracts(if they did mix it here) and ice and water?

any rough measurements for the ingredients are also welcome hehe

i'm thinking of selling in a fair this christmas and id like to copy that style hehe and of course also for home this coming holiday season

i also did a search in the forum and saw 1 topic but i didnt want to revive the old thread

thank you in advance! have a great weekend!
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